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Complete coverage for all your assets

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Complete coverage for all your assets

Specialized expertise and products
for residential and commercial buildings

Property owners and managers can rest assured. We have a host of tailored
solutions to provide you with the right coverage for all types of assets:
multi-residential, commercial and office buildings, as well as mixed-use
buildings and condominiums.

Leading expertise in commercial

Getting the best insurance for your business shouldn’t be complicated. Let us review your file and present you with the most appropriate coverage options for your commercial operations.

We’re commercial insurance experts. Property insurance, surety bonds, civil and professional liability, loss of profits… whatever your needs, we will find the insurance solution that is right for your business and your budget.

Get peace of mind with just one call.

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The joy of choosing

Receive 3

for the best insurance

The joy of personalized service

A responsive,

one-on-one relationship.
Solutions 100 % tailored
to your needs.

The joy of saving

Save up
to 15%

by bundling your
home and auto

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Hard to insure?

Having problems getting insurance? We may have the right solutions for you. We will see what we can do to help you improve your insurance record or adjust your contract to take into account your current situation. Let us help you.

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